Bicycle Accident Attorney in Northglenn Discusses Different Types of Bike Accidents

Suffered a bike injury? D.J. Banovitz, a bicycle accident attorney in Northglenn, says this concerning your rights as an injured cyclist: “For me it is not just a professional mission, but a personal one as well. I am not just a bicycle accident lawyer, but a lifelong cyclist.” Anyone seeking justice after a bike accident knows they have an empathetic ear in D.J. Banovitz.

Different Types of Bike Accidents

Although a bike accident can take place on a country road or down a side street, they tend to most often occur at intersections. You might think that a controlled intersection would be safest, but the increased traffic may put the bicyclist at risk.

One type of bike accident occurs when a cyclist is rear-ended. This may be the case if the driver is not paying attention to the bike on the side of the road, or if the cyclist must temporarily enter the main roadway to avoid an obstacle in his or her path. Either way, it is the driver’s responsibility to be vigilant when driving near a cyclist.

A bike injury can also occur when a vehicle pulls out in front of a bicycle. This may be the case when the vehicle is exiting a driveway. It can also happen as a vehicle turns onto a street, not paying attention to an approaching cyclist.

Some accidents occur when a driver and cyclist are both waiting at a red light and the driver makes a right turn into the cyclist as the light turns to green. Some drivers may not realize the cyclist is there, or may incorrectly believe that he or she has the right of way ahead of the cyclist.

When it comes to determining liability in a bicycle accident, the rules of the road will apply to both the driver and bicyclist. So if the cyclist violated traffic laws, he or she can be found at fault. However, motorists are required to respect the cyclist’s rights to the road. When they don’t and it results in a bike injury, they can be held liable.

Consulting with a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Northglenn

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