5 Auto Accident Claim Mistakes to Avoid

Auto Accident Claim Mistakes to Avoid

Auto Accident Claim Mistakes to Avoid

Car accidents can be frustrating, disorienting and damaging. After an auto wreck happens, however, taking certain steps – and avoiding some mistakes – can be pivotal to financially recovering and moving on with your life.

While we have previously discussed some of the important things to do after a motor vehicle accident, below are some of the most common – and costly – mistakes to avoid following a crash if you are serious about protecting a claim for compensation.

When Filing an Auto Accident Claim, Avoid:

  1. Waiting too long before reporting the crash to the insurance company – This can be a mistake because some auto insurance policies may have firm provisions regarding deadlines for reporting traffic accidents. Missing these deadlines could complicate a claim. In some cases, it may even provide insurers with the opportunity to reduce claim payouts later.
  2. Admitting fault for the accident – Regardless of whether these admissions are accidental, admitting blame for a crash can significantly reduce the value of a claim, if not make you fully liable for compensating other parties involved in the crash. So, avoid making any such admissions to the other drivers, police or witnesses at the accident scene, and even insurance companies.
  3. Providing a formal statement to the insurance company before you are ready – Formal statements, which are commonly recorded, can be used by insurers at any point in the future to try to devalue or even deny an auto accident claim. So, don’t succumb to pressure to make these statements until you are fully ready to discuss the facts of the crash.
  4. Believing that the insurance company is on your side – This is a big mistake because insurance companies are not on victims’ sides following traffic crashes. Instead, insurers are generally looking out for themselves and their bottom line. And this commonly means that they will be looking for ways to reduce or deny these claims, rather than facilitating appropriate payouts.
  5. Accepting settlement offers without having a lawyer review them first – Although auto accident victims may need financial support ASAP, accepting the first settlement offered by insurers can be another big mistake because these offers can be substantially less than the compensation victims may be entitled to. So, never make a decision about a settlement offer without first consulting a lawyer, who can review the terms of the offer and let you know if it’s in your best interests to accept, negotiate or deny the offer.

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