Aurora Lawyer Discusses Personal Injury Claims Against the Government

Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer Gives Overview of Federal Tort Claims Act

Many of the cases involving premises liability stem from injuries sustained on government-owned land or property. Since claims against the government can sometimes be more complicated to pursue, you will benefit from legal help. To learn if you have a valid claim, contact an Aurora personal injury lawyer. He or she can review your case and guide you through the claims process.

Prior to the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), it was nearly impossible to sue the government, as they were protected from lawsuits. Since the passing of FTCA, individuals are able to receive compensation when it is proven that a government employee or entity acted in a negligent manner that caused harm.

However, there is still a degree of protection afforded to the government in how much compensation can be received. This will depend on state law and other factors. In addition, there is a limited timeframe in which an individual can bring a lawsuit against a government entity.

Premises Liability Involving a Government Entity

Some of the types of premises liability cases that may involve a government entity include injuries stemming from a public pool, park or library. In addition, traffic lights that malfunction or sidewalks that are crumbling may also involve the government.

Establishing who is at fault is important and will require adequate evidence that backs up your claims. This is where you would benefit in having experienced legal representation.

Consulting with a Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer

It can feel like you have a no-win situation when it comes to the government. However, when you are seriously injured and there is a clear act of negligence, you have the right to seek compensation.

Although this type of case can be a bit more complex and take more time to process, it is worth the effort if you can recover damages. You may be entitled to compensation that addresses your current and future medical expenses, current and future lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

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