Aurora Injury Attorney Shares the Correct Way to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Cyclists must know how to wear a bicycle helmet the right way, as it may reduce the risk of a severe head injury from abicycle accident. Aurora injury attorney D.J. Banovitz understands the risks that bicyclists face when they take to the road.

His knowledge goes beyond bicycle laws to a more personal level as an avid cyclist himself. He also understands the impact that bicycle head injuries may have and can fight to help victims recover compensation for damages.

Facts about Bicycle Helmets

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 618 bicyclists lost their lives in 2010 in traffic crashes, which was down from the decade’s highpoint of 786 in 2005.

The NHTSA report noted, “A helmet is the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash.” A report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that in 70 percent of fatal bicyclist deaths in 2010, the rider was not wearing a helmet. The rider was wearing a helmet in 15 percent of reported deaths, and helmet use was unknown in the remaining 15 percent of cases.

Currently, there are no mandated bicycle helmet laws in Colorado. However, everyone who rides a bike should take this extra precaution – and be sure they know how to wear a bicycle helmet – to protect them from suffering serious bicycle head injuries or worse. If you find yourself in this situation, discuss your legal options with an Aurora injury attorney.

How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

The helmet shouldn’t be so low that it blocks your vision and you shouldn’t be able to tilt it forward or backward too much. If you can place one or two fingers between the top of your eyebrow and the lip of your helmet, this is a good fit according to the NHTSA.

The next thing to check is the chin strap. It should be fastened underneath your chin, not along your jaw or the side. You may need to loosen or tighten the straps. Again, use the one or two finger rule; you shouldn’t be able to get more than one or two fingers underneath the strap.

The side straps should form a “v” shape. The slider should end up slightly in front of your ears and if you can, lock it in place.

Consulting with an Aurora Injury Attorney

Knowing how to wear a bicycle helmet can prevent serious injuries and even save your life. Even with these safety precautions, however, some may still suffer bicycle head injuries or other injuries. If so, contact Aurora injury attorney D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060. We can review your injury and your rights plus offer a FREE injury guide to Colorado victims.