Aurora Bicycle Accident Attorney Discusses Rules of the Road

D.J. Banovitz, an Aurora bicycle accident attorney, understands the laws for Colorado bicyclists and how they may impact your claim if you were injured. He not only handles these types of cases as a lawyer, but he is an avid cyclist himself. A bicycle accident may have major effects on your life and finances if you are seriously injured.

Laws for Colorado Bicyclists

Knowing the rules of the road can keep bicyclists safe and may prevent a collision. Although you may do your part, the reality is that other motorists may not respect your rights to the road or they may act in a negligent manner that causes a bicycle accident.

No matter what, it is important that as a cyclist you understand and follow the laws for Colorado bicyclists.

One example is using hand signals. Other vehicles don’t know your intentions, so it’s critical that you use correct hand signals. If you are turning left, extend your arm straight out. If you are turning right, bend your arm at the elbow so your forearm is raised straight up. Finally, if you are stopping, bend your arm at the elbow and point your forearm downward.

Another law is to ride on the right of traffic, never against it. You should also make sure you are in the right lane unless you are going to turn left, pass a vehicle or need to avoid a hazard. You must also give the right-of-way to pedestrians. Keep a careful eye out for pedestrians, especially at intersections.

It goes without saying but you must obey:

  • road markings;
  • traffic lights; and
  • signs.

If the light is red, you must stop. Having a bike doesn’t give you the right to cruise through a red light or stop sign.

In addition to the laws, there are some things you should do as a bicyclist which just makes for safe biking. For instance, never assume that others can see you. In fact, bikes can be difficult for other motorists to see, so always use caution and ride defensively. You should also make sure that you are wearing reflective gear when riding at night. Fit your bike with reflectors, headlights or taillights as well.

Consulting with an Aurora Bicycle Accident Attorney

You can do all you can to protect yourself when biking, but it won’t completely eliminate the chance that you’ll be injured in an accident. For information about your legal rights after an accident, you may download our FREE injury guide. Contact Aurora bicycle accident attorney D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060 to discuss your claim and whether you may be entitled to recover compensation for damages.