Aurora Bad Faith Attorney Explains Insurers’ Investigative Tactics

Aurora attorney, D.J. Banovitz warns: insurers will do everything they can to delay, diminish or deny your accident claim. While they are required to fully investigate your injury claim to determine if you have the right to payment, they will sometimes use sneaky or deceitful tactics to avoid it.

If an insurance company acted unfairly with your accident claim or settlement, you may be eligible to file a bad faith claim against them. Compensation for health consequences suffered because of delaying or denying payment, along with other damages may be available. When it comes to protecting your legal rights, you should immediately seek legal counsel. An bad faith lawyer in Aurora can help determine if your case is worth pursuing and what compensation is available.

Some of the investigative tactics used by insurers include the following:

  • misplacing or losing important documents;
  • requesting documentation that has already been submitted;
  • deny a claim, with the hopes it won’t be appealed;
  • place a time limitation on the claim and allow it to pass before agreeing to pay;
  • not using expert opinions;
  • offering a payment less than what you are eligible to receive;
  • inappropriately using medical records;
  • failure to conduct a full and reasonable investigation; and
  • relaying incorrect information pertaining to provisions in your policy.

It isn’t always easy to see these tactics for what they really are. Knowing your policy and your rights can go a long way. However, you may need to speak with an attorney to learn if you have become the victim of a bad faith claim.

When it’s Time to Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are serious repercussions that can be suffered when your insurance company decides to avert payment. You may be left with a huge financial burden. As a result, you may be unable to obtain necessary treatment for your injuries because of the costs. You may find yourself struggling to take care of your needs and the needs of your family.

Not only could this affect your finances and health, but your quality of life may be drastically reduced as well. It’s critical for your well-being to seek help with your claim by contacting the Law Offices of D.J. Banovitz.

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