Arvada Car Accident Attorney Explains School Bus Accident Injury Liability

Confused about liability? An Arvada car accident attorney can help determine who may be liable in your injury claim involving a school bus accident. When you put your child on the school bus, you do so with the expectation that he or she will arrive safely at school, or at home after school lets out. If that is not the case, you may file a claim to recover compensation for damages.

Liability in a School Bus Accident

Liability in a school bus accident will depend on which party was found to be negligent. Sorting out all of the liability issues in an injury claim may require legal guidance and assistance from an Arvada car accident attorney, as these cases may become complex, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, if another car ran a red light and struck the bus, the driver of the car would likely be liable. Drivers who violate traffic laws by speeding, running a stop sign, or failing to yield may be found at fault for your child’s injuries.

In other cases, the driver of the school bus may have acted in a negligent manner. However, not all accidents occur while the child is on the bus. Some accidents occur when boarding or exiting the bus. Tragically, children have been run over or struck by the bus they were just on, or by another vehicle.

The bus driver is required to make sure that it is safe to exit or board the bus before allowing students to do so. What’s more, if the driver fails to put on the bus’ flashing lights and stop sign to warn other motorists that children are getting on or off the bus, the driver could be found at fault.

In some cases, the school bus company may be held liable. If there was a mechanical problem with the bus, or the company knowingly hired a driver with a poor driving history, the company could be found partially responsible.

The school district may be found liable in some situations, while a manufacturer may also be found liable if there was some type of defect with the equipment. It is not uncommon for more than one party to be considered at fault in an injury claim when a child is hurt in a school bus accident.

Consulting with an Arvada Car Accident Attorney

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