Airport Accidents: How do I file a claim?

Airport accidents have the potential to cause serious personal injury; fortunately, you may be entitled to recover damages for your medical expenses and time off of work if negligence is to blame for your accident.

An injury attorney in Denver, Colorado at the Law Offices of D.J. Banovitz can help with premises liability interrogatories and other issues as you work with you to prove your claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

Types of Airport Accidents

Passengers may be susceptible to injuries if the airport staff fails to properly maintain the property or is otherwise negligent.

Potential accidents at airports may include:

  • slipping and falling on wet floors;
  • tripping on uneven ramps;
  • sustaining injuries from electric carts or airport shuttles;
  • being assaulted because of lack of security; and
  • being hit by items that were inadequately stored in overhead bins.

If you sustained any type of injury while on airport property, speak with a personal injury attorney to determine if the airport can be held liable. In cases in which negligence leads to the injury, a claim may be filed against the liable party to recover damages like medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim against a Government-Owned Airport

To protect your injury claim against a private airport, it is important to follow the proper legal process when filing the claim. In some cases, a claim may need to be filed against a government if the airport is owned by the city or county.

To submit your injury claim, a Notice of Claim should be filed and mailed to the Mayor’s Office, which will then forward it to the Denver City Attorney’s Office. The Attorney’s Office will then send you a referral number as well as a contact phone number. A lawyer can help with the process.

Submitting Premises Liability Interrogatories

If the private airport or government that owns the airport agrees with your injury claim, you will receive a settlement and the legal process will end at this point. However, for airport accidents that don’t end in a settlement, going to court may be necessary.

In this case, attorneys may send premises liability interrogatories to the defendant, which is essentially a document containing written questions that the opposing party must answer under oath. This is used during discovery to get the other side to provide answers to important issues. An attorney can help with the process of creating the questions and using them in your claim.

Contact an Injury Attorney in Denver, Colorado

When filing an injury claim against an airport, it is important to have qualified counsel on your side to handle everything from gathering evidence to handling premises liability interrogatories.

At the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz, our team is dedicated to helping clients–like yourself–who have sustained injuries because of the negligence of others. For more information, please call 303-300-5060 today to set up a initial consultation with an injury attorney in Denver, CO. We have helped many clients with their airport accidents.

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