After a Colorado Car Accident, Seek Medical Care, Injury Attorney Advises

Following a car accident, you may not want to deal with the hassle of seeking medical care or you may be too busy to contact a personal injury attorney. You may not want to deal with the time off from work you’ll have to ask for, sitting in the doctor’s office or emergency room for hours, or the medical bills that will surely follow. However, not seeking medical care could cause you to lose your Colorado personal injury claim.

Even if you don’t feel as though you’ll file a claim, you never know what might happen next week. If you wake up one morning with a painful delayed consequence of the car accident, you may regret not seeking a medical examination directly following the wreck . A personal injury attorney may advise that you may not have a case because it’s been too long since the accident to claim your injuries are a result.

What to Do After a Car Accident

After an accident, the first thing you should do is go to the doctor’s office or emergency room . Even if you don’t feel pain immediately, it’s best to have a medical doctor perform a full evaluation to confirm you haven’t suffered injury that could result in pain the next day.

If your doctor wants further medical evaluation, it is critical to keep the appointments. Follow the doctor’s recommendations to the last detail.

So why is it so important you seek medical care and follow your doctor’s recommendations after an accident?

A Colorado personal injury attorney will tell you that a defense team will claim you weren’t really injured if you wait to seek evaluation and treatment. They will say that if you were really having problems following the accident, then you would have gone straight to the doctor for care.

Skipping appointments with your doctor also will leave room for a defense lawyer to say that your injury wasn’t as serious as you claim it to be because you didn’t follow up . Furthermore, an attorney may claim the increase in suffering since the accident is due to inadequate follow up, which means you will lose part of the compensation you deserve.

If you’re worried about the medical bills that will follow after medical care, always consider that if you don’t seek care immediately you have a higher chance of not being reimbursed if you do incur future serious injury. This could be devastating if you end up with long-term medical consequences and must pay for your care out of pocket.

What to Do After Your Medical Appointment

After being involved in a car accident and immediately seeking medical care, you should contact your insurance company to report your injuries. Do not try to answer any questions that you don’t know the answer to and don’t allow your statement to be recorded.

Your next step is to contact a personal injury attorney. He or she will be able to advise you on what to do to ensure your personal injury claim has everything needed to present a solid case to the court.

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