Accident Injury Lawyer in Thornton Explains How a Car Accident Journal Can Help Your Claim

Injured in an accident? D. J. Banovitz, an accident injury lawyer in Thornton, knows that careless or reckless driving can result in a victim suffering serious injuries. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation through a car accident claim. But what can you do to improve your chances of success?

Keeping a Car Accident Journal

It’s easy to think you could never forget the details of a car accident. The traumatic experience is something we are sure will stick with us for a long time. However, with the passage of time, those details tend to fade. One of the ways you can protect your car accident claim is by keeping a journal.

Write down all of the details surrounding your accident starting immediately after the accident. Include what was happening right before it. For instance, if it was raining, indicate that. If you noticed a car in your rearview mirror swerving, write that down.

Then write down the details of how the accident happened. Who was involved? Where did it happen? Include as much information as you can think of. You never know when something that seems unimportant at the time could end up being vital to your case later on.

Write what happened after the accident. Were you or others injured? Be sure to indicate any noticeable injuries on your body or pain that you experienced. Your journal should be kept up throughout the claims process.

Every time something new happens, such as talking to an insurance adjuster, write it down:

  • Dates
  • Times
  • Names of persons you have talked to
  • Descriptions of what was said or done

Include in your journal all of your visits to a doctor and the type of treatment you have received. If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, such as a herniated disc, indicate that.

You should also keep track of your pain. How is it impacting your life? Are you unable to work? The more information you have, the better.

Consulting with an Accident Injury Lawyer in Thornton

A journal can become a great piece of evidence for your car accident claim. It can help better prepare you to fight for compensation to cover damages. But you can also prepare for your case by ordering a copy of our FREE injury guide, 7 Costly Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case.

You don’t have to fight this alone. An accident injury lawyer in Thornton can review and evaluate your case to how you may best go about recovering compensation for damages. Contact D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060 to learn how his years of experience can help you build a strong case.

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