A Truck’s Blind Spots and Tips for Staying Out of Them

Many motorists mistakenly believe that truck drivers have an advantage to see all traffic around them, but that’s only true when it comes to seeing what’s far ahead. All around the truck are blind spots that are much larger than those around passenger cars. Learning where those blind spots are located and how to stay out of them could help prevent a collision.

Avoiding a Truck’s Front Blind Spots

As mentioned, truck drivers can see far down the road. However, directly in front of the truck is a blind spot that could lead to a rear-end accident if a motorist were to cut in front of the truck.

It takes a truck about twice as long to stop as a motor vehicle when traveling at the same rate of speed. Motorists should especially avoid changing lanes in front of the truck and then suddenly slowing down. When it is necessary to move into the same lane motorists should signal their intention first, make sure there is adequate space to safely move over and maintain speed.

Avoiding a Truck’s Side Blind Spots

Both sides of a truck have large blind spots despite the truck’s large side mirrors, but they are much larger on the right side. The best way to avoid these dangerous zones is to not drive alongside the truck. If passing, do so quickly without hanging out alongside it for too long.

It’s also important to remember that when a truck is turning left or right, its turns are much wider than other motor vehicles. Trying to quickly get around a truck that is turning could result in a collision. To avoid this, give the truck plenty of room to make the turn safely.

Avoiding a Truck’s Rear Blind Spots

Truckers don’t have rearview mirrors like other vehicles. If the truck were to abruptly slow down or stop, it could cause a serious crash if you are following too closely and are unable to stop in time. Another issue is that motorists in smaller vehicles can’t see traffic ahead when lingering behind a truck.

Avoid driving directly behind a truck. Ensure there is plenty of space between your vehicle and the truck. One way to know if there’s enough distance is by whether or not you can see the truck driver’s mirrors. If not, the driver more than likely can’t see your vehicle.

Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel When Seriously Injured

Sometimes motorists may be partially at fault for a crash if they:

  • lingered in the truck’s blind spots;
  • unsafely passed a turning truck;
  • followed the truck too closely; or
  • cut off the large truck.

But there are also circumstances in which the truck driver’s careless or reckless actions can be the sole cause. If you were seriously injured in a crash, consult with an attorney in the Denver area.

An investigation will need to be conducted in order to learn who was at fault and if there is a case against not only the truck driver but possibly the trucking company as well. Get help from attorney D.J. Banovitz by calling 303-300-5060 to set up an appointment, or contact us online.

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