A Lakewood Child Injury Lawyer Can Help Determine Fault for a Pool Injury

By speaking with a Lakewood child injury lawyer, you can learn who may have been at fault for your child’s pool accident. Determining liability then can help you move forward with an injury claim.

Establishing Fault in a Pool Injury Claim

Accidents of this nature can happen in a public or private pool. Whether the pool was located at a school, hotel, recreational center, a local park or someone’s backyard, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries your child suffered.

One of the biggest causes for a child to be injured in a pool is a lack of supervision. If your child was in the hands of a caregiver who failed to supervise your child properly, or if a lifeguard failed to do his or her job, these could be examples of negligence.

A lack of supervision isn’t the only way for a child to be injured in a pool. There are other common causes that could lead to serious or fatal injuries.

Some of the other types of negligence that could lead to a pool injury:

  • code violations;
  • lack of safety equipment;
  • unsecured/unlocked gate;
  • fencing or gate around pool isn’t high enough;
  • pool drain is defective or missing;
  • child can reach latch on gate easily;
  • pool cover not secure;
  • water depth not properly marked;
  • lack of pool alarm; and
  • incorrectly positioned diving board.

Damages in a Pool Injury Claim

The types of damages you are entitled to receive will depend on the severity of your child’s injuries. For instance, if your child suffered brain damage or fatal injuries, you may be able to receive a higher amount of compensation.

Some of the damages that could be recoverable in a pool injury claim include medical costs, future medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of quality of life, funeral expenses, and more. There may be a limited time in which you can file a claim, so contact a Lakewood child injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Consulting a Lakewood Child Injury Lawyer

D. J. Banovitz has the resources and knowledge to interview witnesses, take pictures and investigate your case thoroughly to help determine fault for your child’s injuries. You also can prepare ahead of time by ordering a copy of our FREE injury guide. Next, take advantage of a free consultation by scheduling your appointment today – 1-303-300-5060.

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