5 Myths about Car Accident Claims in Denver

Car accident claims aren’t as always as simple and straightforward as everyone would like. The insurance company might not play fair, the claimant may lack knowledge about the legal process, and it can be difficult to obtain adequate evidence, all of which could impede a claim.

It’s important to understand the basics about car accident claims so that you don’t inadvertently do something that could hurt your eligibly for compensation. Check out the five myths below and what you can do to avoid wrecking your claim.

Myth #1: The Other Driver Will Be Honest

Just because you may be honest, doesn’t mean the other driver will be. Out of kindness, some car accident victims make the mistake of agreeing not to report the accident so that the other driver won’t get a citation. However, this may come back to bite you later because you may have a harder time proving fault to the insurance company.

Even if the other driver is the one who is obviously at fault, he or she may lie to the insurance company and blame you instead. The best practice to avoid these issues is to report the accident, take down the other driver’s information, and collect whatever evidence you can from the scene.

Myth #2: I Can Take My Time With My Car Accident Claim

There is a time limit on how long you have to file a claim or lawsuit. In Colorado, the statute of limitation is two years. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t procrastinate; it could undermine the validity of your claim in some cases. As soon as practicable after the accident, consult an attorney and take action to pursue compensation in a claim.

Myth #3: I Can Trust the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster may seem cordial, but make no mistake, he/she works for the insurance company and the company’s bottom line is her top priority. To protect yourself, speak to an attorney before signing any agreements. Also, because the adjuster may offer you a lowball settlement, thoroughly review the damages you suffered before settling.

Myth #4: If I’m Injured, I Will Automatically Be Compensated

Just because you are injured, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive a settlement. Below are a few things that factor into your eligibility for a compensation.

  • negligence and fault.
  • both parties’ insurance policies.
  • how well your case is presented to the insurance company or courts.
  • the nature and degree of the injuries.

To determine eligibility for compensation in a car accident claim, speak to a local car accident attorney.

Myth #5: I Don’t Really Need an Attorney

For minor accidents with little to no damages, you may not need an attorney. However, if your injuries are severe or there are significant damages, there will be too much on the line to attempt to file without legal representation.

You’ll want a professional to help you through the car accident claim process, ensure your rights are upheld, and help you attain a fair settlement to which you’re entitled.

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