15% of Motorists in Colorado are Uninsured

15% of Motorists in Colorado are Uninsured

15% of Motorists in Colorado are Uninsured

Colorado law requires all motorists in the state to carry a minimum level of auto insurance coverage. Despite the law, however, about 15 percent – or roughly 1 in every 7 – motorists in Colorado is uninsured.1

Although any auto accident can be upsetting, collisions with uninsured (or underinsured) motorists can be far more frustrating because they can limit victims’ options for financial recovery. There is some good new, though. And that lies in the fact that the victims of these crashes are not necessarily out of options, especially if they have uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage as part of their policy.

UM/UIM Coverage: Options for Recovery after Collisions with Uninsured Motorists

With UM/UIM coverage, the victims of accidents caused by uninsured (or underinsured) drivers can file claims against their own policies for compensation. In these cases, it may be possible for crash victims to secure compensation for their medical bills, property damage and/or wage losses.

With UM/UIM claims, it is also important for policyholders to be aware that:

  • They can also file claims for compensation when they have been the victim of a hit-and-run collision (i.e., when the insurance status of the at-fault party is unknown because that driver fled the accident scene).
  • These claims are contractual claims, meaning that the specific terms of the policy will be critical to understand.

A Warning about Dealing with Insurance Companies

Although motorists may have UM/UIM coverage – and although they may have legitimate claims for recovery following traffic crashes, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. This is generally due to the fact that insurers are focused on protecting their profits, and that usually involves limiting payouts for claims.

In some cases, insurance companies may even become adversarial and/or act in bad faith – especially if they think that claimants don’t know their rights and/or have an attorney on their side protecting these rights.

So, the bottom line is that, after a crash with an uninsured motorist (or a motorist who has fled the scene), the single best thing that victims can do to protect their rights and interests moving forward is to retain an experienced attorney like D.J. Banovitz.

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1: According to the Insurance Research Council (IRC)

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